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How To Soundproof A Room For Drumming!

Having a drum set at home is such a thrill, opening up hours upon hours of fun time for you and possibly your band mates. However, that also means that the noise levels will go up, causing disturbance to your family or even your neighbors. If you are keen to reduce the amount of sound that will escape from your studio, have a look at this areas where you can make some changes to reduce noise.

1. Gaps and Cracks

There are bound to be gaps and cracks in your room, so make this your first step. Locate these trouble spots and use material such as caulk to seal them up. Soundproofing caulk would be even better at this job. 

2. Door

Most often, doors in our homes are made of the lightest material. It is common for them to be made with hollow wood, which makes it easy for sounds to pass through. In this case, you can install a door sweep at the bottom of the door as well as put a heavy blanket over the door during your drums session. 

3. Walls and air vent

These are often overlooked but that should not be the case. To add a soundproof element to them, you can make use of sound absorbing wall panels, soundproofing paint and blankets.

4. Windows

This area is the likely culprit for noise drifting to your neighbor’s home. To change that, you can use soundproof curtains. These also have the added effect to insulate and block out heat and sunlight, turning your studio into a cozy environment. 

To read more in detail, head over to for more tips and useful guides to create a noise free home. 


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Original article from Music Think Tank (primary) RSS updated 6/5/2020


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